Mobile Filmmaking and Mobile Journalism Training Curation*

*Curation: refers to those processes for selecting, maintaining and storing digital assets including text, images, documents, links, lists and internet content.

My co-trainer and wife Professor Christine Henrich and I have been involved in training individuals to use their mobile devices (smartphones) to write, shoot and edit stories that will impact others for good – life changing stories that might have been ignored and untold. We always considered ourselves minor players in this area of storytelling training and production. For years we consulted with major NGOs as mediastrategy consultants to help them tell their stories, working with both expatriates and locals of the NGO work in Asia and Africa. During COVID-19 lockdown they created an online Mobile Training platform with courses in Mobile Journalism and Mobile Filmmaking. These Moodle courses will be updated after the six summer workshops.

This is a resource website is designed to provide support to both those who are looking for online training and face to face workshops as available.(by listing opportunities), professional Trainer Consultants. Please note that we have no control over the fees charged by these trainers – it is up to you to negotiate all arrangements. is a not for profit project of Handclasp.International and managed by Professor Dan Henrich


  1. “I have been teaching mobile filmmaking to many young people here from what I learnt from you in our Varanasi Mobile workshop. Thanks for sharing the resource website.”


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